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  • FREE CAMP When 4 REFERRALS enroll and pay for CAMP of equal value (or spread the savings between the 5 of you)
  •  NEW 15% discount on Day Camp if paid in full by April 1st. 

  • NEW 10% discount on Overnight camp if paid in full by April 1st.

  • If our dates, times or length of camps aren’t perfect for you , please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requests in order to make it possible for your child to attend our camps and create lifetime memories THIS summer.

  DAY CAMP  -$350/session ($297.50 with 15% early bird registration and payment)   

Space is still available until marked FULL
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2017 camp sessions:

Session 1 – June 5-9

Session 2 – June 12-16

Session 3 – June 26-30

Session 4 – July 10-14


HCF Boarders/ Lessee- day camp cost is $200/session – must pay in full

HCF lesson program students cost is $250/session- must pay in full


2017 Overnight Camps:

 Session I June 21st(6pm)- June 25(11am)- $595

Girls (4)night Wed.-Sun. horse lovers horseback riding camp-ages 7-17

 •II – closed

•III- closed

• Session IV- July 16 (6pm)-July 22 (11am)- $795

 Equestrian all girls (6) night  ages 8-17

with SHOW OPTION – July 16 (6:00 pm) -July 23rd (pick up time will vary) – $795 + $300 + show fees

Ask about the Horse Show option below

This camp also has a horse show competition option for possibly competing Friday-Sunday at a CTHJA rated horse show at Williamson county facility depending on riders experience. Pick up time and place will also vary.  Please include $300 with registration fee above to reserve spot in the show option. The fees to the horse show will be paid at time of camp directly to horse show ( $250-$450 estimate depending on level and number of events). Proper Show attire required (Hunter/Jumper)


• Session V- July 23 (6pm)-July 29 (11am)- $795

 Equestrian all girls (6) night Sunday-Saturday – ages 8-17

• SPECIAL SHOW RIDER Session VI –  July 16 (6pm) -July 29 (11am) – $1695

+ show fees

 Equestrian all girls (13) night camp – ages 10-17

This two week option includes the horse show above and will focus on the more serious show rider . The before and after part of preparing, competing and the responsibilities after a competition. Some riding experience is important but novice/beginner riders – advanced riders will benefit from the camp. Proper show attire is required and the actual show fees will vary depending on campers abilities and number of events. The show fees will be paid at time of camp ($250-$450 estimate) .



 For more detailed  information about activities during overnight camps, click here.
*These camps are OVERNIGHT and we discourage any communication with parents to avoid home sickness. Of course parents are welcome to contact Marylaura via    email( or Text (512-785-0120). We ask for parents to consider this before deciding to sign-up for overnight camp. NO CELL PHONES or other forms of outside contact (internet). We will contact you immediately if an issue arises.
Please encourage your child before arriving at camp to be comfortable talking to us about any concerns while attending camp or if they are needing anything.  If they forgot spending money , you can pay though paypal and I will give them the cash requested.   Letters and packages are always welcome and kids can mail letters also. Be sure to pack stamps and stationary. Cameras are fine but no on ipads or phones with internet , text or phone service..
*********If your child is on any over the counter products or prescribed you must put in writing a detailed description of what it is , dosage, frequency, what the product is used for, any possible side effects and permission for an HCF staff member to administer to your child. Please include a signature, emergency contact info and if a prescription please include the Doctors name and Phone number ( this will only be used if we are unable to contact you in an emergency situation) . We must have this for any and all medicines, supplements etc on or before camper drop off.*********** 
 *The Participation agreement and Camp registration forms must be filled out and signed, along with payment in full before your child can participate. Click Register for Camp to view and print forms.
 Due to the popularity and limited space of our Overnight Camps, all reservations require a full payment to secure your placement. (May begin a pre-payment plan for overnight camp- Ask for info) 
Attention Day Campers: We must have a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 to reserve your spot (this goes towards tuition).  Click Make a Payment for more details.  The balance of Day Camp tuition is due by May 15th. If you register for camp after May 15th please send payment in full.