Horse Sales

Horse and Pony Sales at HCF

At Hunters Chase farms, we train and sell all sizes and colors of horses and ponies. We train fancy show horses and “made” ponies, the gentle family companion, retired race horses starting their second career, playday horses, and great trail horses. Marylaura has a real knack for matching a rider with the perfect horse.  She is honest and tries to make certain that you are completely informed about your purchase.


All of the horses at Hunters Chase Farms are exposed to many different disciplines, animals, and activities.  We specialize in the “good minded” Hunter/Jumper ponies and horses.  We also have dressage, eventing and even some western horses for sale.  The sale ponies and horses have been introduced to many things including boys, cows, motor cycles, golf carts, miniature horses and donkey, dogs, cats, tractors, kids, parents, camp, costumes, loud noises, music, and even deer on trail rides. We do not believe any horse is “bomb proof” but we try to get them as close as possible!


We are passionate about horses and want to ensure that you are happy and safe with your new horse, and the horse will be well cared for in its new home.  We hope we can find the perfect match for you!  We accept major credit cards through a PayPal account or cash, and are always open to trading horses and other things. Come find out if we have your dream horse!


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