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KBC Roc N Acre – aka “Sprite”

Foaled April 7, 2007

14.1 hand Quarter Pony with permanent Pony card

AQHA 4977281


Sprite is a super sweet gorgeous dappled grey gelding. He is currently showing at A/AA shows in the regular large pony Hunters and pinning high every time.  He has wonderful ground manners and loves to be close to people. Walks up to you in the pasture and would get in your pocket if you asked him. He is beautiful mover and has a huge stride. He is going around 3′ courses, and Jumps perfect every time. He is safe enough for the advanced beginner rider, and fancy, fancy, fancy! He has been used for camps, lessons, and trail rides.  He has schooled cross country water complexes, banks, ditches, and up to novice level fences.  He has packed crossrailers around for their first show.  Easy lead change. He can do the horse strides easily or lope down the line and do the pony strides.  This pony could very easily go to the top with the right rider.  Super nice and still young!



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Moves Like Jagger – aka “Jagger”

Foaled 2006

14.0 hh Permanent USEF Pony Card

Welsh Pony


Jagger has shown consistently with 12-13 year old girls in the local C rated to A/ AA shows in the Regular Large and Green Ponies in the hunter division.  He is a forward, uphill ride but is not difficult to control.  He has an easy lead change and always pins high in the hacks.  He has played in the pony jumpers and with consistent work in the field he could be a top contender in eventing or jumpers.  He is sweet and safe on the ground – horse show parents love him (he’ll appreciate you when your show kid doesn’t!)


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Rocket Science – aka “Paris”

Foaled February 10, 2003

16.1 hh



“Paris” is a 11 year old thoroughbred. She is now jumping around 3′ – 3’3″ courses easily. She has an easy lead change and jumps beautifully. She is round and has tight knees every time, even over crossrails.  She is super adjustable and has a nice easy canter to get the strides with no effort.  She’s a great mover and has an easy headset – long and low. We have used her for beginner lessons and showed her at local shows with novice riders – places high every time.  She has a wonderful attitude and disposition – she is a favorite at the barn. Paris would make a lovely amateur’s horse or first time crossrails mount to teach and move up with.


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Turf Tiger – aka “Bacardi”

Being leased at this time 

Foaled March 2, 2008

16.2+ hands



Bacardi is a big, sweet, stunning 2008 OTTB. At the Christmas show in 2013, he placed 3rd in the 3’6″ Pessoa/ USEF Hunter Seat Medal. He has big thick bones and big hard feet. He is a catchy horse and really enjoys people, everyone loves riding him! He is currently showing in the A/ AA Children’s Hunters with a 14 year old boy.  He very well mannered on the ground and loves bath time.  He goes around 3’6″ – 3’9″ courses with ease and has never been phased by the jumps.  He always jumps with proper form and has a perfect easy big stride to get down the hunter lines, but handy enough to do the jumpers – he places well in both rings.  He has an auto lead change. He has been to several local and A/ AA rated shows, and has many champions already, as a 6 year old.  Bacardi has taken novice riders out to school cross country – he will lead the group into the water without any hesitation.  He’s schooled up to prelim with a professional and is not phased by banks, coffins, water complexes, trakehners, corners, etc.  He will jump anything!  He is 100% beginner safe, and is very forgiving.  He is lazy and always is aware of his rider.  This horse has no vices, clips, loads, stands for the farrier, and is always willing to please.  Bacardi’s price will increase with training and show exposure.



Want to see more? Click here to view more photos and video of Bacardi.



Foaled 2005

15.1 hh



Ranger is a stunning Black Appaloosa with a wonderful, in your pocket personality. He is hardship registration eligible through ApHC.  He has been started in English Pleasure, English Equitation, Showmanship, Western Pleasures, Western Horsemanship, Trail, and hunter over fences.  Ranger has great feet – he does not need shoes but currently has them on.  Stands for vet and farrier.  He loves to take baths.  He is easy to catch, and is a real “people” horse.  He has absolutely no spook at all.  He is phenomenal on the trails, alone or in a group.  Will walk down the road next to cars, barking dogs, etc.  Easy lead change, almost auto.  Currently jumping 2’3″ – 2’6″ single fences.  Safe enough for a beginner, and a great all-around horse!


Want to see more?  Click here for more photos of Ranger.


Foaled 2005

14.0 hands

QH Cross


Doug is a saint of a pony who is built like a small horse.  He was used for camp this summer, as well as trail rides, but is part of the lesson program now.  Doug is extremely beginner safe, a little lazy, and loves kids. He is currently jumping around 2′6 courses and is not phased by any jumps, in the arena and out in the field. He will happily take a swim in the pond, ride western, bareback, or double. He is a great guy with lots of potential. He is a “10″ mover and has a comfy canter. His jump is round but simple and easy for kids to stay with.   His price will increase with training and show experience.


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Jumpin’ Joe Lee aka “Peanut”

Foaled April 9, 2011

16.2 hands



Peanut is a dappled grey gelding with a personality that wants to please.  He currently walks, trots, and canters both directions.  He has been started onto bending, leg yielding, suppleness to the hand, and smooth transitions. He is an incredibly smart horse that will do whatever you ask of him. He has a nice trot and a very comfortable to ride canter. He is incredibly adjustable, definitely has the canter of a Grand Prix jumper.   He has been started over small natural fences and enjoys it.  As a 4 month old he jumped a 4′ fence… Twice. Being young, he hasn’t been jumped regularly yet, but has never looked or peaked at anything put in front of him, both with a professional and with junior riders. He has the sweetest personality with the color and talent  to match.  Peanut LOVES to be groomed, bathed and loved on. He’s a mellow, laid-back guy.


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Je T’aime aka “Tim”

Foaled February 14, 2009

17.1 Hands



Je T’aime is by the Dutch Warmblood stallion “Wish” (Volltaire x Burggraaf) out of a Salle Francias mare.  He has impeccable ground manners and is safe to handle on the ground by beginners.  He loves people and has been worked extensively as a baby.  He was officially started in June 2014 and has progressed with great natural ability and willingness to learn new things.  He is now cantering 3′ courses with an easy to ask lead change.  He has been free jumped up to 4’0 and schooled over single fences up to 3’6″ by a professional.  Tim has plenty of scope and a big step that would make him an ideal derby horse or hunter packer. He is a nice mover and is very comfortable to ride.  He is sensitive to your hand and leg and only wants to please. This horse could go in any direction at this time, and will be a total packer.  His price will increase with show experience and training. 

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Whenithinkofyou – aka “Prada”

Foaled April 24, 2010

16.1 hh



Prada is a lovely young hunter mare that will be a top contender each time she walks into the ring. She has an astounding trot and just floats over the ground. She was Champion at her first show after only 2 weeks in training. Prada is built like the old-school classy type Thoroughbreds and is still growing into herself. She will easily mature at 16.2 – 16.3 hh. She has extremely comfortable gates and plenty of step to get down the lines. She comes with a natural low topline, and lovely lead changes. She is schooling around 2’6-2’9 courses and she is bored with that height. She jumps well and will jump ANYTHING – haven’t shown her a jump that phases her yet… barrels, tires, rolltops, liverpools, logs, walls, etc. She been ridden by young riders and out on the trails. She has no bad attitude and no vices. She is easy to keep with other horses or in a stall. She will show in the Take 2 TB classes and the Pre-Greens next year. Price will increase quickly.


Want to see more?  Click here to view more photos of Prada!


Foaled 2007

15.3 hh

Dutch Warmblood x TB


Maddie is a 2007 Nimmedor granddaughter. She has a Dutch Warmblood sire and is out of a Thoroughbred mare. She is 15.3 hands. She was started August 2014 as a 7 year old due to lack of time and funds of the previous owner. She has great ground manners. Walks and trots. No buck or bolt. Lazy, but big floaty trot. Likes to carry herself in a frame. Ridden in the arena and off on long trotting stretches in the woods. She is currently in training with a young adult rider until January. She will make a nice hunter mare for a junior or small adult.